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Aços da Amazônia

Aços da Amazônia Ltda.

Rua Matrinxã, 622 – Distrito Industrial I
69075-150 – Manaus – AM

Phone: (+5592) 2127-7100

Fax: (+5592) 2127-7126

e-mail: joao.fontinelis@acosam.com.br

Aços da Amazônia is a business unit of Armco do Brasil S.A. opened in Manaus in October 1997. Later, following an expansion project, was installed in the Industrial District I in August 2006.


“Become the main strategic center of distribution of steel in the Amazon Region, providing differentiated products and services at competitive prices, also contributing to the professional growth of its employees and adding value to customers and shareholders”.


  • Integrity and ethical conduct.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Excellence in service.
  • Focus on results.
  • Teamwork.
  • Actions related on health and safety.
  • Environment preservation.


  • Supply of cold rolled and stainless steel products to the Amazon consumer market
  • Joint review of specifications with the objective of reducing the costs.
  • Assistance at emergencies.
  • Development of alternative products.
  • Freight sharing.


  • Storage of cold rolled/zinc coated/ stainless steel coils in optimal inventory/handling conditions.
  • On-time deliveries
  • Continuous inventory control system and integrated information with our customers.
  • Order monitoring (Plant/Production/Transit).
  • Quick response to unexpected events.
  • Raw material inventory in partnership with the mills.


  • Longitudinal and transversal cutting line

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