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Av. Padre Anchieta, 129
Jordanópolis – São Bernardo do Campo
CEP: 09891-420 – SP

Phone: (+5511) 3478-2050 / 2070

Fax: (+5511) 3478-2080 / 6080

DMG: 0800-19-3222

e-mail: vendas@stripsteel.com.br


Since the 1970s, Stripsteel has been the pioneer in providing prompt delivery of national and imported precision high-carbon or stainless steel strips at the most different dimensions and qualities.
The greatest, most complete and diversified product inventory in the market and a customized service that makes the difference enable Stripsteel to provide from just one meter to big quantities of product at thicknesses from 0.01 to 3.00 mm, and width from 2 to 600 mm, for immediate or scheduled deliveries. Therefore, do not forget to contact us and rely on a traditionally innovating company that is widely known in Brazilian steel market.

The most skilled and innovative team in the market

You will receive a top quality product and a service that better understands its applications.

The greatest inventory for ready delivery

Stripsteel is now provided with all technological tools, greater cutting equipment availability and a full inventory that gives you the widest range of steel strip possibilities.

Competitiveness and flexible terms

Stripsteel gained competitiveness and become stronger to seek the best commercial solution for you with terms that fulfill your requirements.


  • Differentiated products, services and solutions;
  • Recognized technical quality of its products;
  • Scheduled deliveries;
  • Supply assurance;
  • We supply any quantity.


  • Manufacture of parts as per their design;
  • Development of products;
  • Pre and post-sale technical assistance;
  • Special equipment for edge treatment.


  • High-quality national and imported steel strips;

  • ISO 9001;
  • Complete laboratory.


  • Full inventory;

  • Specialized service;
  • Fast guaranteed delivery;
  • Deliveries to the whole national territory.