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Vila Nova


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Vila Nova

Armco do Brasil S.A. – Vila Nova Unit
Rua Zacarias Alves de Melo, 180
Vila Prudente – CEP: 03153-110
São Paulo – SP

Phone: (+5511) 3563-6321

Fax: (+5511) 3563-6565

E-mail: vilanova@armco.com.br

Whoever looks for quick, quality and diversified steel supply will find it at Armco Vila Nova. A strategic service center that meets the most demanding needs and offers quick response to small and large quantities of steel, in addition to technical assistance, logistics and ready delivery solutions. From steel coils to steel plates and blanks, your needs will be satisfied at Armco Vila Nova. An Armco company.

100% certified quality

The formula of Armco Vila Nova success is based on five basic factors:

  • Product quality;
  • Production technology;
  • Product development research;
  • Service to meet customers demands;
  • Environmental and social concern spread across the company.

We have the steel to fit your needs

  • Low carbon steel;
  • High resistance steel;
  • Hardened and tempered steel;
  • Medium, high-carbon and alloy steel;
  • Flat Wire;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Precoated steel;
  • Cold Thin Coils;
  • Hot thin coils;
  • Plates and Blanks;
  • Oscillating coils;