Hardened and Tempered Steel



The most used steel in the tool industry.

Typical applications

  • Washers;
  • Wedges;
  • Lift belt;
  • Spatulas, trowels and squares;
  • Cylinder scraping blade;
  • Springs;
  • Handsaw;
  • Circular saw;
  • Wood bandsaw;
  • Hand hacksaw;
  • Measuring tape
Servicos Baiflex

A new concept on medium or high-carbon content steel. Know Baiflex, the new pre-hardened and tempered steel with bainitic metalographic structure for light stamping applications demanding high ductility and tensile strength.

Typical applications

  • Bearing components;
  • Car seat components;
  • Oil level measuring rod;
  • Springs.

Produtos Buletext

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Produtos Carbonotemperado