Product Development


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Armco offers innovating solutions for the supply of customized raw material to each customer. This is translated into many benefits for you.

  • Cost reduction
  • Process stage reduction
  • Lead-time reduction
  • Productivity gain
  • Compliance with specific environmental regulations.

Learn more about some of the latest products developed by Armco:

Servicos Neocut

NeoCut is a High-speed steel and a new solution for cutting tools in terms of performance and costs.

Servicos Cromo3

Zinc Electrolytically coated steel + Chromic passivation free of Chrome 6+ – an eco-friendly product.

Servicos Drylub

Temporary organic film to solve critical stamping problems on parts of difficult conformation or complex geometry.

Servicos Solderzinn

Tin-Zinc alloy coated steel for welding purposes. Eliminates Lead presence, that is harmful to the environment.

Servicos Baiflex

Hardened and tempered medium and high-carbon steel (SAE 10450 to 1075) with bainitic metallographic structure (austempered steel).

Servicos Ggrl

Steel having a very low Yield Strength, where Carbon content is millesimal.

Servicos Trar

High-strength low-alloy steels are materials with high tensile strength limit and elongation, suitable to conformation, but low level of alloy elements, including Carbon.

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