Plantar Project


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A company becomes liable if provides continued benefit to the society and a real improvement in people’s lives. Responsibility also means thinking about the future and creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

Armco is aware of that, and as such implemented Plantar Project in 1996, a NGO that assists Vila Prudente community. Plantar Project brings a new lease of dignity to low income and poor school performance children, through educational activities aimed to contribute to citizenship and empowerment.

Sowing a better future

Under Plantar Project, assisted children and teenagers join a pleasant atmosphere to improve their view of the world, by constructing a healthy image and a critical view of themselves to prepare them for the future.

After completing the programs offered by the Project, teenagers are sent to professional training courses. In addition, Armco establishes partnerships to provide students with medical and dental assistance, workshops, presentations and professional qualification programs.

Plantar Project success is reflected in the lives of assisted youngsters and is disseminated across the community as a whole. This is social responsibility. This is Armco sustainability view.


  • Eco 2002
  • Inda – Social Action – Dez/2005 and Dec/2007
  • 8th LIF as the best project in educational area, awarded by Brazil-France Chamber of Commerce.
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