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The way a company cares about its employees is one of the clearest indications of its relationship with the world. Armco strives to maintain a relationship of respect and harmony with the employees, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere to allow the development of a better world.

ARMCO: A company increasingly Secure

Armco has implemented the Occupational Safety and Health Management Program (SGSSO) to foster a safe work environment, to strengthen the concepts currently disseminated in the factory and spread the tools used for safety management.

Armco philosophy dictates that “every accident is avoidable and depends on everyone’s commitment. In addition, we are searching for operational excellence by continuously improving processes and products, keeping the basic premise that is the protection of the company’s most valuable asset: the human being”.

SIGA (ARMCO Safety Management System)

Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management System of the company. It includes the organizational framework, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources to develop, implement, achieve, review and maintain the health and safety policy.


Maintain a Unified Safety and Health Management System intended to develop proactive strategies to identify and address problems by eliminating or minimizing the risks and provide a healthy and safe work environment that will not expose the worker to incidents. Adjust the productive process to individual respect standards and contribute to improve the organizational performance through productivity gains derived from improved work conditions and relationships.

Policy of the Occupational Safety and Health

It is top priority and fundamental criteria of operational excellence of Armco seek all means to avoid the accident and occupational disease, providing a healthy and safe working environment for its employees, stakeholders and guests.

To achieve these goals, some guidelines must be followed:

1 – Prioritize, develop and maintain prevention programs provided by OH & S management system;

2 – To have as one of its objectives to promote continuous improvement in occupational health and safety;

3 – To commit to compliance with the existing determinations of the laws and other applicable requirements;

4 – To assign employees to the leadership and responsibility for safe behavior and the implementation and enforcement of this policy;

5 – Looking to integrate health and safety, since the investment decisions, acquisitions, projects, purchases of goods and services in all business processes.

The commitment and participation of all employees and partners in compliance with the above items is a critical point to the success of this policy, therefore they are an obligation for all involved.

The Armco’s Politics of Occupational Safety and Health provides the framework for setting and reviewing goals and objectives in Occupational Safety and Health and is available to the public.

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