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Efficiency, competitiveness and innovation. Dozens of markets. Hundreds of countries. Thousands of applications. Millions of end consumers. To meet different markets requirements for specific products in many different industry segments, Armco has the most complete line of coated and re-rolled steel The ability of creating endless possibilities for steel made Armco the leader in re-rolled steel industry, providing:

  • zinc coated products;
  • dozens of possibilities in heat treatments and surface finishes;
  • environment-friendly products and;
  • countless combinations of thickness and width with the most restricted tolerances.

That’s Armco’s mission: satisfy each customer’s needs with innovative steel-related solutions and services.

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Quality Assurance

Armco’s quality management certification assure the technological level and excellence of its processes. Click here for more.

Technology Exchange

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To reach its continuos search for excellence, Armco signed a technology agreement with Bilstein, the major and most diversified re-rolled product manufacturer in Europe and one one of the leaders companies in the world.

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armco: a socially responsible company

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Understand how Armco reduces its environmental impact.
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Armco is concerned with the environment, the society and its employees.
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Customized logistics? Product development? Online service?

Armco offers the most modern services for your company.
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Know the companies of Armco Group

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Armco Group companies have all our technological resources to meet your steel-related demands.

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Stripsteel combines technology and tradition to supply national and imported precision steel strips. It has the most diversified inventory in the market.

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Aços da Amazônia is a plant that supplies directly to the one of the most important industrial centers in Brazil.

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Does your company need a modern industrial packaging system? Just know Intacta and its services.

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