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    ARMCO Group Overview

    ARMCO´s group is a leading company in Latin America when it comes to tailor-made re-rolled metal solutions and product ranges.

    With technological solidity, we offer support to the business units, ensuring that all ARMCO Group companies bring complete solutions to their customers, standing out for the quality of their products, both in large and small volumes.

    With a focus on operational efficiency, ARMCO’s plant has a production capacity of 22,000 tons per month, guaranteed by quality certificates: ISO 9001, ISO IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.



    We offer metal solutions based on the preservation of the environment and social responsibility; a commitment that is reflected throughout the group's production process, from the choice of raw materials to the delivery of the final product, recognized by certifications: ISO 14001.

    Through a modern effluent treatment system, we guarantee the treatment of 100% of the water used in our production process.

    ARMCO reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, seeking the best environmental practices through clean and ecologically responsible operations.

    Through our commitment to establishing, maintaining and continually improving our Environmental Management System, we have the following principles: 

    Promote actions that prevent pollution;

    • Commit adequate resources and efforts to comply with legislation, current environmental standards and applicable requirements;
    • Improve products, processes and services, minimizing the generation of effluents/waste and rationalizing the consumption of natural resources;
    • Encourage the involvement and commitment of employees, collaborators, suppliers, clients, and the community to protect the environment.


    At ARMCO, the pursuit of excellence is a constant challenge for its teams. The commitment to high performance translates into investment in training, technology, control and product, the result of a rigorous quality policy.

    Our modern Physical and Chemical laboratories work towards Productive Excellence Management, with a focus on breakage and zero failure in processes.

    We use lean manufacturing concepts to obtain the best results in terms of productivity and waste reduction.

    Based on the concept that technology and metal can work together, we constantly invest in innovation and research to offer ever more modern and efficient products and solutions.

    A highly trained team and state-of-the-art technological structure make it possible to offer customized metal solutions for the most diverse segments, including: automotive, personal use and construction.

    Armco is present in many moments of your life... without you even realizing it! We are there:

    All these small objects, fundamental in our lives, keep you in direct contact with Armco products.

    This is only possible because ARMCO invests in technology to offer the best in re-rolled metals, supplying raw materials to a wide range of industries and, in this way, meeting various human needs and getting ever closer to you!

    We pride ourselves on bringing satisfaction and responsibility to every word that defines our products, because the quality metal you use bears the ARMCO mark and commitment.

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    Purpose and values

    ARMCO´s Group purpose is to transform metals into sustainable solutions for its customers.

    With a culture based on ethics, innovation and excellence in service, Armco seeks continuous improvement in its processes and products, always committed to customer satisfaction.

    ARMCO´s Group values are present in all business units and are guided by integrity, respect for people, customers and the environment, as well as a commitment to quality and the constant search for innovation.

    With a strategic vision and a highly qualified team, ARMCO is prepared to face the challenges of the market and offer a variety of tailor-made metal solutions to its customers.

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