Sectors of activity

    Discover Armco: Innovative Steel Solutions for Various Market Sectors

    Discover here how our skilled team and advanced technology enable us to offer customized steel solutions for a variety of sectors. From the cars you drive to the buildings you live in, our products are everywhere. 

    We invite you to explore and learn more about our comprehensive work and our diversified operations in the following sectors.


    Our steel goes into your product

    Automotive and Mobility Industry

    Learn about some of the main applications of our products in the automotive market.


    Passive safety

    Engine component



    Light and Heavy Cars - Applications

    Automotive and Mobility Industry

    Main products: High Strength Low Alloy , Coated, Low Carbon, High Carbon

    Fuel system



    Two Wheels – Applications

    Automotive industry / Mobility

    Main products: High Strength Low Alloy, Coated, Low carbon, High carbon


    Steel solutions for construction parts and tools

    Construction - Applications

    Main products

    Low Carbon, Hardened & Tempered Carbon / Stainless and Coated Steel

    • Tools
    • Specialty

    Forestry / Timber

    High Carbon  wear-resistant steel solutions


    Forestry / Timber - Applications

    Main products

    Hardened & Tempered and Annealed high carbon grades

    • Saw Blades
    • Chainsaw
    • Cutting tools
    • Specialty


    High carbon steel solutions with or without heat treatment.

    Agroindustry - Applications

    Main products

    Hardened & Tempered and Annealed high carbon grades

    • Cutting tools
    • Specialty

    Personal and Domestic Consumption 

    Steel solutions for everyday products

    Personal & Household Consumption - Applications

    Main products

    Low carbon, Coated, Annealed high carbon grades

    • Clothing

    • Shoe industry

    • Home appliances

    • Utensils
    • Specialty